Holland World Cup 1974


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The finalist of the World Cup 1974 was the flamboyant Holland!

With fantastic football players as Cruijff, Neeskens, Rensenbrink, Rep …

A gifted generation that would again reach the World Cup final in 1978 …without Cruijff though.

This team has been painted as close as possible to reality, looking at boot details, numbering on the back of the Jerseys and a very specific detail!

Indeed number 14, Johan Cruijff is wearing only 2 stripes on his kit, the reason is that he had contractual obligations with Puma to wear their boots and refused to wear the Adidas 3 stripes.

Adi was then forced to give him a kit with only 2 stripes. This detail is featured in that 1974 Holland team.

Contains 11 field players and 1 Flicking goalkeeper.

We have created an exclusive retro collection in collaboration with www.retrofootballclub.com, the team is available on their website.