Hellas Verona Home 1984 / 1985


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I was just digging onto the history of this Verona club name, why Hellas? Well I found the answer and I’m happy to share it with you!

We have to go back to the foundation of the club in 1903, where actually a group of school students decided to create the club.

Apparently one of their teacher, (the one for Classics!) gave the name Hellas which means Greece in Greek … Quite unusual background inst ‘it?

Now looking at the performances in Serie A, the Italian football top tier, Hellas Verona golden age appeared to be in the 70’s and 80’s with a momentum in the season 1984 / 1985 where they became champions.

This work features the Home kit of the victorious kit, with attention to details, such as numbers, hair colors, boots details and sponsor! All is hand painted.

Contains 11 field players and 1 flicking goalkeeper.

This team has been made on special request, for more info contact me: florentdumont@hotmail.com