Germany World Cup 2014


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“And at the end of a game of football , the Germans … win” ..

World Cup 2014, Brazil, German football is at his peak again! Club teams are performing in Champions League. Clubs are financially very healthy, stadiums are full, Business model works!

It is full of confidence but without arrogance that the German team enters this World Cup.

Starting the competition in a group¬† that doesn’t’ look that easy, Germany will do its work , clean and sweet!

A great 4-0 versus Portugal, a very vibrant 2-2 versus Ghana and a 1-0 versus the USA of Jurgen Klinsmann, fellow “mate” of the Mannschaft!

3 games, 7 points, head of the group, not much noise but already pleasant to watch Germany playing!

Next round is knock out and Germany will face the mighty Algerians which are already on the moon to have qualified. Very talented team, quite technical, they play with their heart! Algeria will actually give a hard time to Germany! Showing to the world they are not unbeatable!

However at the end Germany wins … 2-1!

Now France! France vs. Germany ! Strong souvenirs from the 80’s are coming back. France has been playing well in the group stage and just beat Nigeria 2-0 without too much difficulty … The stage is set! Germany has shown some weakness versus Algeria. Will it be corrected in typical German Fashion against “Les Bleus”? Or will the men from Didier Deschamps continue their adventure?!

Well at the end Germany wins …1-0!

Semi-Final … Belo Horizonte … Brazil … An entire nation is behind its country. The whole world is already announcing Brazil World Champions … Well things will turn out very different! Incredible game from the Germans, incredibly efficient, one chance, one goal! And it starts! 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 …

Brazil seems unable to do anything to counter the Compressor!

At the end Germany wins!! 7-1 in a way that will mark the history of the world Cup!

The final of the World Cup will see them facing Argentina, never ever has a team from another continent been able to lift the trophy! Though through the performance Germany has shown versus Brazil, it could be different this time!

Though the game is tight! And goes to Extra time! One more change for Germany, Mario Gotze comes on the pitch, very very last minutes of the game!  A ball is floating in the air, a yellow boot comes out the dark to touch a ball which will make the net trembling! TOOOOOOOOOOORR! GOOOOOAAAAALLLL for Germany!

Seconds later the ref would blow the final whistle!

Germany is World Champion!

This team contains 12 players including one flicking goalkeeper.

This team has been made on special request, for more info contact me: