France World Cup 1982


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8th July 1982, Stadio Sanchez Pizjuan, Sevilla. Semi Final of the 1982 World Cup.

France is facing West Germany. For french football this is teh “Carre Magique or magic square ” generation. Actually a team built around 4 fantastic midfielders (Michel Platini, Alain Giresse, Lui sFernandez and Jean Tigana).

A team that definitely had the potential to win a World Cup. The next event will actually show the confirmation of this potential leading France to win the Euro 1984 and finished third in the World CUp 1986.

The first half has shown the 2 teams on a very similar level, score being 1-1. The game is tight, tension is high. It is a semi Final and we are playing Germany! Battiston comes on the pitch for “Les Bleus” and suddenly gets long through pass from Platini!

In a slip second, we see the ball bouncing next to the goal and Battiston is laying on the ground! Knocked out!! The infamous Harald Schumacher went straight into the french player! The images shows that the goalkeeper was not even trying to play the ball …

Battiston would recover from this terrible choc but felt unconscious for a while! Platini would even say later that he thought his team mate was dead on pitch as he had no pulse and looked very pale!

Penalty? Not even, the referee did not even call anything! Did he see anything?

Game went on for an even further epic battle! the extra time saw 4 goals in total ending the game at 3-3. Penalty shoot out … Germany won …

Contains 11 field players and 1 flicking goalkeeper.

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