England World Cup 2014


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As every world Cup for England , hopes are high! Will the 3 Lions reproduced the success of 1966 ? Good question, isn’t it?!

Seems that England National team is struggling to perform since their semi final in Italy in 1990 … How to explain that? If you follow a bit what’s happening over the channel … well seems that there are many reasons … Grassroots football structure, Not enough English Academy players coming through the ranks …

And not enough English players in first squads playing Premier League …

But the faith of the fans is always there, the whole country will again stand behind their lads! And this time it is in Brazil, the other country of Football!

However the draw will see England falling in a very tight group with Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. First odds go like this, Loss versus Italy, Draw versus Uruguay and win versus Costa Rica who seems to be the easiest team to face.


England vs. Italy 1-2

Uruguay vs. England: 2-1

Costa Rica vs. England: 0-0

And here goes the hope for a great World Cup Campaign … 1 point scored in 3 games, England is last of the group!

This team contains 12 players including one flicking goalkeeper

This team has been made on special request, for more info contact me: florentdumont@hotmail.com