Dukla Prague Away Kit


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All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit … Song from an English Pop Band, which made the Czech club famous and actually helped t give it this iconic picture we know of still today.

Dukla Prague is actually born in 1947 and founded by the Czech army. It’s only in 1956 that the name DUkla Prague will be adopted as a tribute to a world War II battle in the village of Dukla …

During 30 years , Dukla Prague will be a regular player of European Cups, though with no major success. In 2000 the club actually disappeared due to ot being able to find an agreement to play in the stadium which actually belongs to the army. The club will move away and change name.

But a cult club never dies, and Dukla Prague see its rebirth in 2005 and is nowadays plying in the First Division in Czech republic.

This team is delivered with 12 players and a nice box.

This team has been made on special request for more info get in touch: florentdumont@hotmail.com