Belgium Euro 2016


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Belgium 2016.

An incredible generation of talented players linked to the best European clubs! De Bruyne at City, Fellaini at Man U, Hazard at Chelea, Courtois at Chelsea, Naingolan at As Roma… etc…etc  And as a chef d’orchestre MArc Wilmots, experienced Diable Rouge and a charismatic personality in Belgian Football.

This team is even announced as tournament winners!

However it did not turn so much out like that, ending up in “El Gruppo de la Muerte” with Ireland, Sweden and Italy. Belgium doesn’t start on the right foot!

Indeed defeated by an Italy nobody would expect at that level, Belgium showed some weaknesses and a poor organisation on field. Luckily th next game against Ireland would see the Red devils coming out and winning the game easily 3-0.

Than comes Sweden, which could be the last game of their star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for Belgium it is crucial to win this game to secure their place in the tournament and continue the adventure. At the end a short win 1-0 will do for Wilmots crew.

But the critics are vivid in Belgium, against the coach against the team. The medias are not showing any compassion and actually are very negative around the chances of this team. The round of 1/16 will see am opposition versus a surprising Hungary. Actually it should be a letter in the box on paper … End of game: 4-0 Belgium. Indeed it was an easy game for the lads. And here is Belgium back on the favourite list for the winning title.

The 1/4 finals are ahead and Belgium will face Wales, A team or a nation I like to call the black cat for Belgium, indeed They have always been struggling against the Dragon men’s and this time in particular Wales is strong, led by a smart coach, driven by unity, their start Gareth Bale is not playing the star but playing for his team, his country , his colors! They are nice to watch and breath comradery. Will it work against Belgium.

Well , We just saw a rocket ending in Hennesey ‘s nets , rocket launched by Naingolan. 1-0 Belgium… Seems nothing can stop them anymore.

Time will show different, Belgium losing somehow its compusre and team spirit in the game, Wales starting to control the field much more and much better … 1-1. And 2-1 and 3-1 Wales!

The hopes of Belgium are gone … The adventure has ended … Bye bye Belgium, bye Bye talented generation. After a disappointing World CUp , it s a disappointing Euro … What are their chances for coming World cup now?

Let see …Hope the Red deveils can pick up their game and show better than they have until now