3DSoccer Ballon d’Or

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Approx 12mm tall (some slightly taller or shorter) These Micro-Trophies look terrific when posed with your Subbuteo (Table Soccer) Figures. It looks like they won the real thing.

The large Ballon d’Or trophy will be around 30 / 50 mm  sits atop a separate 3D Printed 9mm Base which can be removed. The trophy can also attach to a Subbuteo Base. The trophy has also been primed, ready for painting.

***Caution*** 3D Printed Miniatures may vary in strength and durability depending on the material and environmental conditions during production. Extra care should be taken when handling an 3D Printed Miniature that have fine details. We are continually testing blends of resin to ensure the best possible balance between strength and visual fidelity.

A product by 3DSoccer distributed under license.

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