Argentina World Cup 2014


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Ah Argentina! World Cup after World Cup always a team the world is keeping its eyes on !

Potential winners always , right?! And this time the World Cup is back in Latin America, where never ever a team from another continent managed to win the title! Could it be Argentina’s year? Let see?!

First let’s go back to the Group stage where Argentina was pretty lucky during the draw, they will end up in Group F with Nigeria, Bosnia and Iran. On paper 3 wins! In reality … 3 wins!

Argentina vs. Bosnia: 2-1

Argentina vs. Iran: 1-0

Nigeria vs. Argentina 2-3

Overall tight matches! Argentina is not showing a great style of play, pretty defensive even to be honest! But efficient in front of the cage … 3 games, 3 wins, 9 points, first of the group.

Here comes the main draw and another “lucky” one for the Argentinians! Switzerland! Though everybody knows that at this stage there is no easy team anymore but better facing Switzerland than any other giant of Europe.

Final score … 1-0, still going through!

The quarter finals will see the team facing Belgium! Outsider of the year, golden generation!  A very interesting game to come! Belgium could even be the favorite in this game as the style of play against developed by Argentina is not the best!

Final score 1-0 for … Argentina! It worked again!

Semi final! Versus the Netherlands who are having a fantastic and unexpected World Cup a real team spirit is showing up on “soldaats van Oranje” side!

Final score? 0-0 , 4 penalty kicks to 2 for … Argentina!

Here we are, what did we say? World Cup played in Latin America, always won by a Latin America federation!

But this time it could be different! The opponent is Germany who just trashed Brazil 7-1! And showed consistency, efficiency and beautiful football through out the competition …

Final score … 1-0 for … Germany …!

the dream is over but Argentina did well!

This team contains 12 players including 1 flicking goalkeeper.
This team has been made on special request, for more info contact me: