3DSoccer Painter Edition – Male x 12 – Classic Pose – Short shorts – Collared Neck


“Painters” Edition Table Soccer Figures are larger figures made especially for customers who wish to paint and display their favorite teams. Delivered by set of 12 players.

“Painters” edition figures are 28mm tall as opposed to 24mm tall figures traditionally used by Table Soccer players.

These larger figures allow for finer kit details to be painted and look amazing on display.

These figures connect to commonly used Table Soccer Bases.

“Painters” Edition figures are printed in Regular Strength Resin. The extra size of the figure helps with durability and strength.

***Note*** Bases are not included in the figure orders. I am creating unpainted, blank figures for you to place onto your own Table Soccer Bases.

***Note*** 3D Printed Figures are not the same strength as mass produced Injection Molded Figures. The 3D Printed Figures have been tested extensively in game situations for strength and balance and have performed incredibly well.

***Caution*** 3D Printed Figures may vary in strength and durability depending on the material and environmental conditions during production. Extra care should be taken when attaching the figure to a tight base. Do not force a figure if the connection is overly tight. Sanding the nub and base so that the figure is easily attached will prevent any breakage.

A Product by 3DSoccer distributed under License.


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