If you wonder how I came to this idea let me give you a glimpse of the dream.
Dream? Yes, dream! Most probably every man has that … keeping some childhood dreams alive.
Mine was actually to build my full Subbuteo mini football stadium to the image of my favorite club: Lille.And that is where it comes from, indeed while busy painting fans to fill in the stands, I got kind of burned out painting in chain those little supporters!
My way to break the routine and keeping the work exciting was first to refresh some old teams of mine that had lost their original colors.
Until the day I found blank brand new players! New table football generation? You can say so! Superfooty!

Bought a couple of blank teams and started to create those teams I always wanted but did not have in my collection. Or simply making latest kits.

Lots of Subbuteo painters are those days on the market, I know. You can find the genuine stuff, such as Santiago figures vintage kits repainted, or the completely new things called decals. In between, playable modern figures recognizable enough to still identify yourself with the team on pitch fully hand painted?
Did not really find anything at least appealing for me. 
Therefore I decided to not only share my work but also offer it to the public.You are still playing Table football? Get your hand painted Superfooty team!
You are a football lover? Get your team or even your hero to display at home or wherever you want to have it close to your heart!

I hope my work will trigger your football passionate heart and bring back memories of great games you have seen, great players acts on pitch, true football moments!

Enjoy the visit!